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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forté Representation - Non-Flash pages added

A recently developed site, Forté Representation, was released as a pure Flash site.  To allow this site to be viewed on non-Flash enabled devices such as the iPhone, non-Flash pages were developed.  Upon visiting the site, it is determined whether you can see Flash or not.  If you can't see Flash on the device you are accessing the site with, then you will only be served non-Flash pages.

One of the key features of the site is the gallery.  To mimic the Flash version of the photo gallery, Javascript was implemented with the assistance of the JQuery library.  Combining JQuery with a plugin called EasySlider allowed for development of a sliding gallery that is visible on non-Flash devices.

In total, the site was broken up into separate HTML pages:

Photographers, broken up into each artist:  Linda Mackie, Ian Sheh, and Renat Touichev.
Makeup+Hair, listing the artist Eman Aziz.

Clicking on any of the above links on a Flash enabled device will redirect you to the main Flash powered site.  To view the above links, you'll need to visit them on a non-Flash enabled device such as an iPhone or Blackberry.