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Thursday, August 25, 2011

User Friendly Sign Up Forms

Some quick tips for when you are creating a user sign up form on your site.

To help make the process as least frustrating as possible for a visitor to the site, you need to simplify the forms in some very easy ways.
  1. Don't make the visitor enter their email address twice.  There is no need to make someone enter their email twice in the off chance that they will write it incorrectly.  Users will know right away when their email address is entered incorrectly.
  2. Don't obfuscate passwords.  Nothing annoys users more than entering a password and then having each letter be replaced by those black dots as they write in their password.  Think about useability when creating your form.  When entering passwords on a phone or other mobile device, it is very important that your user can see the letters they are typing in.  
  3. Keep it simple.  Don't ask questions you don't need answers to (ie...Mr./Mrs.) and make it quick and painless.
The easier it is for a user to sign up using your form, the higher the number of form completions you will receive.