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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A pair of great Chrome extensions for taking screenshots

I recently came upon a need for a way to take some screen shots of some of the sites I have created. There are plenty of tools available to serve this purpose, but I wanted something relatively quick and easy.

Initially, I looked into a utility called webscreencapture. While it worked really well for most sites and you can make a nice batch file to run it all at once, it failed to capture some Joomla sites and Flash sites.

So, next I figured I should try a browser solution. There is Fireshot for Firefox, but since Chrome is my browser of choice, I decided to find an extension for Chrome instead.

What I found right off the bat was Awesome Screenshot and Annotation.

It installs a button in the upper right of your browser which you can press to take a screenshot of whatever is on the page of your browser.  You can annotate the image, or like me, you can just click done and save it locally.

Now that I had a screenshot tool, I realized that there is one more issue to resolve.  I wanted a constant size of screenshot so that I don't have to be tied to one browser on one computer and I can replicate the sizing across all computers.

I recalled a nice resizing extension for Firefox, so I sought out a similar extension for Chrome.

What I found was was an extension called Window Resizer.

This is a simple tool that lets you choose from a list of preconfigured resolutions or a custom one of your choosing.

So, with a combination of  Window Resizer  and  Awesome Screenshot and Annotation , I am able to quickly and easily take screenshots of websites that remain consistent no matter where I am located.