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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Windows Phone 7 doesn't support @font-face

Took me a while to realize that my @font-face fonts weren't being imported on my Windows Phone.  I thought I was doing something wrong and then just sort of gave up after a while.

Well, today, I thought I would take another stab at it thinking that maybe I packaged/converted/imported the fonts incorrectly for the WP7 OS.  Then I stumbled across this article which clearly explains the limitation of IE9 on WP7 -

Now, I was really excited to see IE9 coming to WP7 and that excitement was mainly around HTML5 support AND @font-face support.  Silly me, thinking that IE9 on the mobile device would act like the desktop version.

Anyways, I suppose I could just implement image swaps for the items I want displayed as a certain font.

Here is the list of supported fonts for WP7:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creating a triangle in Adobe Fireworks

I'm not sure why I only just stumbled across this now, but I used to create triangles in Gimp by creating a square, rotating it, and cutting away half of it, then importing it into Adobe Fireworks.

I have no idea why I made life so difficult for myself when there is a brutally easy way to accomplish the exact same task within Fireworks itself.

  1. Draw a square (yah, I know how to do that)
  2. Select the Skew Tool (hotkey Q)
  3. Grab one corner of the square that you want to be the arrow point and pull it towards the middle.  The opposite corner will automatically pull into the middle at the same time.
  4. Done.
Stupid easy and I feel just a tad smarter.